The Five Hole Diaries

A Collection of Columns by Ross Brewitt


Ross’s latest book “The Five Hole Diaries” has been 22 years in the making, going back to when he began this string of Friday columns, published in newspapers in Ontario and Buffalo.

From late ’94 to the present, he has been turning out informative, sometimes provocative pieces, the kind taking on all comers regardless of the subject, the setting, or the public position. His columns have been accredited as required reading for any sports fan, and recognized across all guidelines throughout sport.

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About Ross

rossb-headshot“The Five Hole Diaries” is a collection of selected columns that had its beginnings following Ross’s third book, “Into the Empty Net”, and was riding the crest of best-sellers.

The columns continued through two more books, “SABRES,” the second one he had written and produced on the Buffalo team, and “Clear The Track” the Eddie Shack bio, that became his third best seller in Canada. … read more about Ross