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The Journalist and the Trendy

Written January 24, 2013 for publication Jan. 25             885

Ross Brewitt

          On Wednesday I received an email from a “happening, reporter-slash-journalist,” to use his terminology, who had a call-in show and wanted to schedule me as a guest.

Apparently he considered the invitation a done-deal. He said he would be calling the next day to “prep me.” The last time I recall being “prepped” had to do with a colonoscopy. With that vividly in mind I didn’t acknowledge my participation in his assumption. Read more

The Story of an International Incident

Crossing the bridge at Lewiston, NY, the U.S. Customs officer goes through the usual warm up act.
“Purpose of your visit?” he asks peering intently at the car behind me.
“I’m going to the Sabres practice this morning and staying for the Ottawa game tonight,” I answer. Then, holding up my passport and removing my sunglasses as I’ve learned to do, I continue smiling back with my time-tested version of an honest face. He ain’t buyin’. Read more