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Hard to Find a Silver Lining

November 23, 2012

Hard to Find a Silver Lining

Ross Brewitt

In the world of sport, misfortune turns out to be another’s good fortune. Occassionally.

The 100th Grey Cup is receiving the national attention it deserves. As it should be. Yes, Alphonse, I’ve heard all your arguments about the NFL being the best, but despite the mounds of stats pulled out to buttress your case, there’s something about the Canadian game that’s missing in the American version. In my opinion we certainly aren’t better skill-wise, but we’re more interesting. Read more

Please, No excuses for Class Clowns

“There’s no viable excuse. If you’re going to be great, you have to have some class, on or off the ice. Can you even conceive of Bobby Orr doing that? Steve Yzerman, Guy LaFleur, or Luke Robitaille sitting behind Quick taking pictures at that ceremony?” Read more