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New Year: A Look Back at the Class of ‘51

Ross Brewitt

It’s the time of year for looking backward, or forward. It all depends on your age.

Most young people haven’t accumulated the time to gather the multitude of valuable moments they will live with over their lifetime. These remembrances can be instantly triggered by a quick glance over a long-lost list, a note that still remains in file folder, a surprise picture, a crested jacket under wraps in a storage closet. It doesn’t take much to open old floodgates. Read more

Just Visiting: Me and the Sleeping Giant.

Written Sept, 27, 2012 for publication Sept. 26             868

Ross Brewitt

This might be the most “unsportsmanlike” column I’ve ever written.

Two reasons. First, since last weeks rant, the NHL and NHLPA, obviously feeling threatened by my harsh assessment of their work ethics and tactics, heeded my last weeks advice and began to negotiate. Read more