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Hat Trick: Baseball, Bettman, & Burke

Ross Brewitt

The news coming out Wednesday concerning the firing of Brian Burke was the topper to a silly week in sports.

It was certainly goofier than the hammy backtracking of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, following the unanimous acceptance of the proposed CBA by the previously militant and pushy owners. Read more

Blue Jays: Out of the Blue….

Blue Jays Out of the Blue

Ross Brewitt  

          It wasn’t one of those moments when you recall exactly where you were when the news arrived, but it was close.

In the car, like many others expending tire-tread at 120kph on the 407, I was on my way to another book-tour date. To say the announcement was shocking would be an understatement. Waiting throughout the next hour for any kind of confirmation, none came, just more crowing about the “done deal.” Read more