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Ross Brewitt

Hey! Has anybody heard if the NHL will operate come October?

Amazing, isn’t it, but with a month before the opening of NHL training camps, the NHL and the Players Association are still playing patti-cakes bare-handed, attempting to maintain civility, and continue to exchange quizzical looks while poring over projections. All this to calm and assure us doormats that life will go on as advertised. Read more

Olympics: All Your Medals are My Medals

Ross Brewitt

I had reservations about these Olympic Games on opening night, the same sort of feeling you get when sensing many things can go wrong. My concerns were validated when “Mr. Bean” came on screen.

Fortunately, the same group that continually bail-out the Five Ring Circus has rescued the Games once again. The athletes. The sheer power of courage, skill, bravery, and determination in the Read more