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Doug and Lou Moore: Leaf Fortune Tellers

It’s difficult to say goaltenders are a tad too serious, and keep a straight face.

Mainly because the remark usually elicits a knowing smirk followed by, “and your point is…?”The characters who play goal with only rare exceptions named Billy Smith, the N.Y. Islander pit-bull who would groin-spear his Dad if he ventured onto Billy’s blue-ice, are basically good people just trying to survive. But, given a moment, I guarantee you know one who’s a bit “different.”

I have one who remains a favourite of mine. Lou Moore. Read more

Whatever the Price, It Ain’t Working

It’s proven you can pick up trends by listening, observing, and gathering information from newspapers, TV bites, columnists, commentators, and bloggers available in staggering numbers throughout the internet.

However, I already know those indicators have struck an off-chord simply through what’s happening around me. Take yesterday for example. Read more