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Diving into the Pool of Neglect

Ross Brewitt

This morning I’d like to apply a bit of egg to the face of Gary Bettman.

At twenty years and counting we are obliged to concede his durability, but be aware this is the man who has shut down the Golden Goose three times.

Let’s also agree that he’s an employee with thirty bosses, rich overseers who don’t just want their man, they want their man to do their bidding their way. And he has, dutifully huffing and puffing through another “necessary” lockout that, as it turned out, effectively locked out common sense. Read more

Frank Selke: One of a Kind Role Model

Ross Brewitt

On Monday, hockey lost a people-person like no other. His name was Frank Selke. If you don’t recognize the name, you should.

Frank Selke was the high standard to which we should all aspire.

He wasn’t a man remotely interested in amassing the largest list of “friends” on Twitter or Facebook. Quite the contrary, he was a man who made daily bridges to those he met, in real time, in real life, in real context. Read more