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MLSE: The New Guy Needs to Button Up

Ross Brewitt

In case you missed it, in May there was another “Suit” anointed to the top of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment. Tim Leiweke. Yeah, I know, I said the same thing. Still, whether the name registered or not, he did impress the folks at MLSE.

I only bring it up this late for reasons that involved other column matters, including the late starting Stanley Cup playoffs, the 20th year finale of the Syl Apps Golf Classic in Kingston, and the unseemly collapse of the @#$*%&  Blue Jays.

Back in May the new MLSE honcho, a guy who has pinballed through top jobs in sports was stumbling and trampling, orating hither and yon, Read more

Baseball: Beauty and the Beast

Ross Brewitt

As a kid growing up in Schreiber, a little railroad town along the shores of Lake Superior, the game of baseball was a three month pastime at best, and no such thing as a “league,” Little or otherwise, existed.

Back then there was no television. The only baseball heroes we saw were local, the big league calibre were only in books, magazines, and the occasional newsreel in the movie theatres of the day. Read more