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Zaun: Calls Them as He Sees Them

Ross Brewitt

In my last at bat of the baseball season, I intend to step in there, take one out, and touch ‘em all. As Gregg Zaun says, “go big or go home.”

In waving bye-bye to a moving van full of shattered, unresolved dreams you have to wonder how the ex-Jays catcher turned broadcaster managed to come up with a career season as the analyst covering the forgettable Toronto Blue Jays of 2013 on Sportsnet Read more

NHL Season: People to Watch For, Then and Now

Ross Brewitt

          The NHL season kicks off on Oct 1, about a week earlier than usual, the NHL’s magnanimous concession to the Sochi Olympics. As per usual I will be watching specific people this season for specific reasons. Taylor Hall is one. P.K. Subban is another, as in is he for “Norris” real?

          It brought me to recently, rustling through fading files hunting for a background information, I found a series of March 2000 columns I had written on the OHL Cup winning Thunder Bay Kings, the minor midget team out of my hometown area. Read more