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NHL: Who is this Guy?

Ross Brewitt

          Excuse me, pal, who is John Scott?

          I ask the question because at his present rate of shady activity and growing reputation in the National Hockey League, we’re going to be asking what is John Scott.

          John Scott, I’ll have you know, is the enfant terrible of Sabre fans, which should tell you how desperate those poor souls are for something, anything, to cheer over. Read more

The King Has Spoken… Again

Ross Brewitt

It’s no secret. Geez, I’ve written about him in seven columns over the years along with reasons why he is the best. THE BEST.

In the event there was any doubt or any confusion in the readers mind, I’m speaking of Bobby Orr.

Yes, I’ve heard absolutely stunned and offended fans rail at me in their attempts to divide my resolve. Maurice and Henri Richard, Howe, Beliveau,Harvey,Hull, Coffey, Lemieux, and Gretzky. It ain’t gonna happen, Chief. Read more