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“Here’s my read on…“ – book review – Pierre Pilote

Heart of Blackhawks – L. Waxy Gregoire, David  M. Dupuis, with Pierre Pilote

ECW Press – hardcover – 360 pages with photos

Ross Brewitt

            Back in the days of the NHL’s Original Six on black-&white TV, residents of Ontario saw the Toronto Maple Leafs and whoever they were playing once a week. Those Saturday Hockey Night in Canada telecasts on CBC were the only game in town.

But by the late 50’s change was coming and it coincided for many fans with the hardening resentment of having only the Leafs to follow. With the emergence of Bobby Hull in Chicago for the ’57-’58 season as a budding superstar with the door-mat Blackhawks, came the stimulus for change in Canadian hockey borders and demographics. Read more

Is It Just Me, Or Can You Believe This…?

Ross Brewitt

“Get under an overpass, get out those free Blue Jay batting helmets you got back in ’94, or wear that replica Wayne Gretzky Minnow Bucket. Whadda ya mean, why? Haven’t you heard? The sky is falling, doofus.


“Geez, the story broke in the Balls Falls Weekend Shopper & Penny Saver. Then TSN picked it up and were all over it like stink. Whaddaya mean, what! The Buffalo Bills are moving to Toronto. You do have a TV, don’tcha? Then turn the damn thing on.” Read more