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Thank You: From a Columnist’s Heart… and Soul

Ross Brewitt

         Today, this column’s appearance is a big and proud moment for yours truly.

            Any writer, particularly a columnist who has had a string of consecutive weekly pieces lasting long enough to push through number 1,000, should be proud.

            Any writer surviving that number in the tough, daily newspaper world should also label himself lucky, considering what newspapers are going through in the roughest era in print history. Read more

Part 2: NHL Defeats Hard Work on Head Hits

Ross Brewitt

 Yesterday (Thursday) I wrote about the Wilson-Schenn incident. Deadlines being what they are, the decision coming out much later, the result wasn’t a part of that column.

This morning, I read, then watched the League’s explanation.

Here is where I picked up Part 2 and the decision, today…. Friday. Read more