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To-Do List: From a Dog-Eared Notebook

Ross Brewitt

           By the time the Friday morning sun bangs the gong and wakes the squabbling kids and barking dog, the applause, tributes, and plaudits for Oiler goaltender Ben Scrivens should be dying down and Edmonton will be off on a four game road trip, beginning in Boston on Friday. 

Even with three consecutive wins, no-one, including Oiler coach Dallas Eakins, believes his team is mounting an assault on the playoff picture. Yet, on the bright side, they have opened up a six point bulge over Buffalo for 29th place overall. Read more

Fighting: Re-Scheduling the Evolution

Ross Brewitt

Today it’s time to take inventory, houseclean, tidy up, and re-shuffle the deck chairs.

Allow me to begin with a small reminder I wrote myself after another medical appointment which underlines the fact you’ve become a “regular” when even the X-ray techies know your first name. Read more