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Sochi Leftovers: NHL & Subban

Ross Brewitt

Is it just me, has the NHL lost a step or two? Or, in a word, is it a “comedown?”

Naw, it’s difficult to adjust from what we saw at the Olympics against the hum-drum, overly-long regular season fare, followed by the overly-long playoff elimination tournament into mid-June. Read more

Olympic IV: Message Delivered

Ross Brewitt

Here’s a last look at the 2014 Olympics, in this case our Team Canada hockey teams. While others will go through each player, each line, each pairing of our gold medal winners, and here are a few things that linger from my notes.  

On the ladies side, it was the patience behind the bench shown by Kevin Dineen, who always looked the part of the person in charge, especially in the time-outs. Never any hint of irritation or exasperation, even in the final game when the team was clearly playing under the radar, his professional approach came through, steady, calm, and clear. Read more