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Good Days and Bad Days… Again.

Ross Brewitt

Column days are different, in that it’s not often one theme, or one topic dominates.

It’s even rarer that I have a made-up mind on a subject, certainly not before the first coffee and any re-enforcing benefit of overnight slo-mo highlights. By then it’s on to the office, park in the big comfy chair, do up the seat-belt, flex fingers, push the “thingy” button for the computer, and begin. Read more

What? Reimer Doesn’t Fit Carlyles Pedestal?

Ross Brewitt 

So what’s the deal between the Randy Carlyle and James Reimer?

With arguably the Leaf’s No. 1, Jonathan Bernier, on the shelf and coming out of groin re-construction, relocation, and rehab, whatever, it makes Reimer the only visible go-to guy, right? I say this because at this stage of the season it’s a stretch, downright dicey expecting Drew MacIntyre to shoulder any load other than in brief relief, chief. Read more