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Time Hasn’t Changed, So What’s Cooke-ing


Ross Brewitt


          I have a little catching-up to do on couple of sidebars, even as these rugged, rowdy, and unpredictable seesaw Stanley Cup playoff games run their course.

          No I’m not talking about the BOOP (blown out of proportion) goof made by HNIC host Ron McLean on Quebecois NHL officials. Not worth commenting on. No, it’s not Yankee pitcher, Michael Pineda cheating with pine-tar on his neck. By now, baseball cheating has a historical acceptance in certain circles. Read more

Leafs: A Renovation is in the Works

Ross Brewitt

In response to the cataclysmic ending to the Toronto Maple Leaf season, it has been made obvious, that in order to avoid hullabaloos, it requires defusing the situation and revealing any facts, rumours, gossip, outright lies, and goofy premises that have come across my desk, computer or telephone.

As was made plain to me, hullabaloos are not to be taken lightly. Public safety is at risk. Read more