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One Provocative Question For the Record

Ross Brewitt

          Wednesday night I spoke to a group of businessmen at the prestigious St. Catharines Club in the city of the same name. Comfy, cushy high-back chairs, elbow-roomy tables, white linen everything, and a beautiful four course meal that would make that nut-bar chef from “Hell’s Kitchen” shut his foul pie-hole for a month.

          It was interesting that this established group, who could easily be referred to as “a chamber of sober first thought,” would be interested in listening to me, a man once described in print as a “hockey scribbler who camouflages his no-quarter views with humour.” For the record, I have always taken that line as a compliment. Read more

NHL’s Squandered Tradition… Memorial Cup the Real Deal

Ross Brewitt

          The Stanley Cup playoffs don’t appear to have any consideration for their schedule, or the timing therein.

          It’s nothing new because it’s happened before despite many minutes and inflated word counts by me and others being written about it in the past. The response from the NHL follows the same path. Disregard, followed by studious silence. Read more