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A-Rod the Lightning Rod for “Commonplace”

Ross Brewitt

How the mighty have fallen? When does flirting with disaster, become a disaster? Consider this.

There are those in sport who take leeway and continue to push the envelope, hoping it will become nothing more than “commonplace.” No big deal, right? Read more

The Routine of Practice Paying Off

Ross Brewitt

Now that the season-ending NHL Awards are coming up on June 24, and in keeping with a “who’s coming to the next dance” format for the 2014-15 NHL campaign, I’d like to tell you about a hard-working player who caught my attention late in the season.

Troy Bodie played 47 games with the Leafs last season, brought up after a 17-game stint with the AHL Marlies. Before I go any further let me say this man is no stranger to the life of a professional hockey player. Nor is he a wide-eyed rookie with fantasies of Crosby-like stardom. Read more