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Jays: Seven Games in July

for publication July 18, 2014

Ross Brewitt

Back in mid-June, my regular Friday column made note of the East’s first-place Blue Jays coming up on a seven game stretch that would likely define their season. Four with the Orioles, three against the Yankees, all on the road.

The implications were, more wins than losses in those two meetings meant either widening the lead, or at least holding their position would positively impact their fate in late September.

The Jays won 2, lost 5. Read more

The Difference is Money

1033 for publication July 4, 2014

Ross Brewitt

I was having lunch with a visiting former NHL’er now living in Colorado, a man whose final payday prior to his retirement was a two-year deal paying $1.2-million-plus bonuses per season. $2.4 million was no threat to Crosby’s stipend.

  His departure from active duty was an easy decision. “My legs packed it in a year before my head and heart did,” he said, adding “… not because I was out of shape, but I’d taken so many shots off my legs, and feet, front and back, I had vein, tendon, and nerve damage. It was piling up.” Read more