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Pre-planning NHL Expansion Made Easy

1042 for publication August 29, 2014  

The first call of the day, 7:55am, was from a radio personality, who normally gets up at the crack of 4:00am. To him it’s almost noon.

He asked what I thought of the new NHL expansion cities? “There’s nothin’ new about them?” I said. Click.    

My second call of the day was from Florida, area code 941. I notice things like this in tracking the “Duct Cleaning” underworld forces and where they are operating out of these days. Read more

OHL Takes the Lead in Rule Changes

Ross Brewitt

           The pursuit of “Big Hockey News” this week was nothing more than speculation, some factual, some based on rumours, some pure theatre. A normal, run-of-the-mill kind of week in a slow period.

          The Leaf’s Brendan Shanahan installed Brandon Pridham as the assistant GM to Dave Nonis., and hinted at more help on the way.

In Shanny’s rush to surround Nonis with “advanced statistical analysis” capologists, and contract repairmen, I’m wondering how Dave Nonis was able to cope since Brian Burke left town. Read more