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NFL Doesn’t Even Know How to Duck.

1046 for publication September 19, 2014

Ross Brewitt

          My column today will touch on, well, touchy issues.

These days the NFL is in a crisis mode, and rightfully so. For years NFL players have enjoyed a free pass from serious backlash over a long list of head-cases, literally, considering the rate of systemic concussions and neck injuries the NFL ignored. Those injuries brought on a successful lawsuit by former players.

All while the long rap sheet of DUI’s, firearm offenses, and TA-DA, rampant domestic abuse, lengthens. Abuse on girlfriends, wives, even the children of both, and might if memory serves me include an offender’s Mom or mother-in-laws. Read more

Team Sports = Life Lessons

1044 for publication September 5, 2014

Ross Brewitt.

          “Team sports. Are they beneficial for children?” says a guy holding forth at a meet-and-greet I recently attended.

          Sounds professorial doesn’t it? A remark you’d hear from someone wearing a lab coat, or a skinny legged, skinny-pants lecturer with in a tweed jacket sporting blown-out elbows. Nope, this fellow’s complaint to his table was “minor sports has outlived its usefulness. Injuries are out of control.” Read more