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Guess Who’s Number One?

1051 for publication October 24, 2014

Ross Brewitt

On Wednesday night when Erie Otters centre Connor McDavid played in a rare home game up the road in Buffalo’s 18,690-seat First Niagara Center. NHL seating for OHL play.

It’s an arena that could become McDavid’s home ice next September.

What’s not to like? If you check out the myriad of on-line “raters” all claiming to be experts, three random choices had McDavid  at 5’11”, 6-foot, and 6’1”. His weight at 187, 190, or 195. So much for experts. Pick one you like and go with it.

Combine those teenage measurements and adjust them four years hence, you have a 22-year-old six-foot, 200-plus pound centre with speed, hands, shot, game intelligence and vision, the qualities the best bring to the rink every time they lace up their skates. Read more

Fighting: Non-Participating Linesmen the Key

1050 for publication October 17, 2014

Ross Brewitt

Who would’a thought? Controversy over fighting in the NHL’s first week.

While I’ve long held that the time for hockey fights to fade into black is coming, I also knew the gutsy decision wouldn’t arrive any time soon. It takes a more resolute regime than the one presently running the NHL to come to that touchy decision.

Forget logic, or health, or injury concerns. Those problems have never swayed consensus. Forget the fact hockey remains the only known sport where fist-fighting is accepted. Read more