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Christmas: Lookin’ out My Back Door

1081 for publication December 26, 2014

Ross Brewitt

Coffee in hand I stand at my usual morning post, looking out the sliding doors leading to the patio deck, still clear of any snow patches, as are the backyard blue spruce, looking down on nothin’ but bare lawn. According to the weather guessers we’ll have rain leading up to Santa’s day.

Cardinals are battling over space on the feeder, while Frick & Frack, the black squirrels clear up any fallout. “Peanuts,” my highly trained chipmunk, zips back and forth, acting tough, teasing the squirrels, and filling his face for later.

In quiet moments like this, I often go back to my time as a kid in Schreiber, Ontario where even before Christmas, snowdrifts could be head-high. Geez, up to my dad’s shoulders and he was 6’-4”. I have pictures for proof. Sometimes it stayed that way until late March, at times rivalling Buffalo! Read more

He was “Tricky” Dick Thornton…


Guest column tribute – by T. Michael Travers

…. and, for a while during the 1960’s – 70’s he and the other “free spirits” that made up the 1971 Toronto Argonauts owned Toronto.  If you were an Argo fan in the city during this timeframe you knew all the players – you knew what they had for lunch.

Tricky, Mel Profit, Bobby Taylor and “Zee” set the standard for mod/fashion and free-thinking behaviour.  And they played some entertaining football. Exhibition stadium held 43,000 people and 45,000 showed up for every game.

In 2004, following the Argonaut Grey Cup win, I organized a dinner/tribute/roast for coach Leo Cahill.  As team ambassador he was finally going to be presented with a Grey Cup ring.  With the help of veteran player, Peter Martin and team president Keith Pelley, we invited as many of the old team as we could. Dick Thornton confirmed he would make the 23 hour flight from Thailand. “An evening to honour Leotus? I wouldn’t miss it.” Read more