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Hat Trick – Brodeur-Bettman-All Star Game

1086 for publication January 30, 2015

Ross Brewitt

On Thursday Marty Brodeur took his leave of hockey, and I’m willing to bet it’s was with well-hidden regret that the end came in a “foreign” uniform.

You can’t play 21 seasons with the same organization, encompassing all the memories and achievements experienced, and not have it sting to end it all in St. Louis.

Without question he leaves the game as the greatest at his position. Sure, we all have our favourites, but Marty has the title. In fact he’ll go into the Hall in his first year of eligibility. As a Devil. Read more

Ray Ferraro: I’m With You, Pal

1085 for publication January 23, 2015

Ross Brewitt

Ray Ferraro has been a broadcaster I’ve admired since he became a broadcaster, certainly since he joined TSN in 2008.

Contrary to a recent erroneous remark made by an obscure panelist on all-talk-radio, Ferraro didn’t fall out of the sky into Pierre McGuire’s shoes already firmly planted between NHL benches.

Since his retirement from the NHL and in addition to his present role, he has worked for ESPN, NBC, and Sportsnet. Meaning he’s survived the usual step-by-step progression of “commentator,” before taking on the coveted mantle of “over-night success,” and is now a “fixture.” It underscores his topical, outspoken approach to the business of hockey. His comments are valid. Read more