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The NHL’s Crucial Six Week Marathon

1091 for publication February, 27, 2015

Ross Brewitt

The next six NHL weeks in the season will bring the greatest pressure to at least two-thirds of the thirty teams leading to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Some observers, including me, consider the period from mid-February to the end of the season a make-or-break time, both from a team standpoint and for individual players. Reputations are made or broken in the time in question.

With this draft year touted to be the deepest in a decade, we are watching NHL teams now on the downside of their schedule, gearing up for the playoff drive. Sixteen will go to the big dance, 14 others, the unlucky and definitely inept, will be relegated to grubbing for fractions of percentage points in the Entry Draft scramble. Read more

Nashville is for Real

1089 for publication February 20, 2015

Looking at the standings this morning you see the Nashville Predators ahead of all NHL teams with a headlock on first place. Leading the charge in the other direction with an ankle-lock on the cellar, we find the Buffalo Sabres.

If you asked either club I’m sure both would agree they’re right where they want to be considering the future lying ahead.

But Nashville, seemingly without effort, almost coming out of nowhere, is not only leading the pack but establishing themselves as a force. You have to admit, it seems strange seeing them up there for this long

So when wondering who better to begin a tune-up on the high flying Preds, I immediately selected an old pal from our mutual days around the Sabres. Pete Weber was “the voice” of the expansion Predators, and he’s been there since they opened shop in the 1998-99 season. Read more