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The Old Dog and New Tricks

1097 for publication April 10, 2015

Ross Brewitt

Looking back, the Syl Apps Celebrity Golf Classic in Kingston was an event that ended in 2013 and provided me with columns on an annual basis over the 20 years I was invited. It was there, 2012, when I met Chris MacKeigan there, and

along with ex-Leaf Jim Dorey, they were about to launch what is now called All Pro Athlete Marketing Services.

For those whose recollection of Maple Leaf history doesn’t go further back than Mats Sundin, Dorey was a well-documented tough-guy Leaf, a player I originally met at the Leafs training camp back in 1969. Like most hockey players, Dorey has a deep sense of loyalty as the above timeline attests. Read more

Baseball is First for the Faithful

1096 for publication April 3, 2015

Ross Brewitt

It was Thursday 9:00am, and in another early morning “waiting room” I slipped into my people watching mode, surveying the collection of 22 patients, victims, and survivors. In turn they ignored me and worked their “personal electronic devices” like the answer to their ailments would appear.

No-one spoke, they simply speed-thumbed up and down those mini-screens. Suddenly a woman with a yellow folder in hand, her foot wedging the door open, loudly announced something that sounded like “Robert Snodpan.”

Bobby, hearing his name, lurched out of his seat and gave his unruly knee a couple of tryouts before moving off. No-one glanced up from their frowning finger-flicking. Read more