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Babcock Arrives at “Coaches Boneyard”

Ross Brewitt

The overflow media gathering was attended by everyone and his other brother, most displaying smug mugs and “didn’t I tell ya” attitudes?

The first surprise of the large crowd this event drew, came in how quickly the room filled to SRO status. Like it or not, this was a big day for Leaf fans. And media.

I go back to the days when talking to media at a Leaf-to-do consisted of Harold Ballard ranting at reporters. Read more

Caps & Rangers: Almost Flawless

1102 for publication May 15, 2015

Ross Brewitt


Alex Ovechkin and Barry Trotz, captain and coach of the Washington Capitals, have to wonder when their day will come. They’re still looking for a winner’s breakfast on the day-after a second Stanley Cup playoff round.

For those fans who subscribe to “hoo-doo voodoo” theories as applied to hexes and prediction-killers, their fingers will be pointing at Ovechkin’s prophesy of a win in game seven on Wednesday night.

It’s covered under Lesson 1 in the “Forecaster’s Cheat-Sheet.” Never predict outcomes, be they games, standings, or series. Read more