About Ross

Ross Brewitt with Wayne Gretzky.

Ross Brewitt has three Canadian best-sellers to his credit, two more books published in the U.S.  In 2012 he wrote his first novel, “Just Another Hat Trick”.

Early years

Born in Schreiber, Ontario, hard by the shores of Lake Superior, he spent his early childhood there, then moved to Fort William. Married to his wife Sylvia, they raised three children there before moving to Toronto in 1966.

Hockey Night in Canada

He joined Hockey Night in Canada as an advertising salesman with their marketing arm, Maple Leaf Sports Productions, and began quickly moving up the ladder, eventually becoming General Manager of MLSP.

He added the expansion Buffalo Sabres to the company roster and the publications of all nine CFL Teams and the Grey Cup magazine.


Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky with Ross Brewitt.

Going out on his own in the promotions field, he formed the ProStars, sponsored by Molson’s, a five-year summer touring fastball team made up of active Leaf players: including Sittler, McDonald, Palmateer, Boudreau, Valiquette, McKenny, Ullman, Boutette, Ferguson, Favell, Shack and Turnbull.

… and then came the NHL OldStars

In 1979, he turned to hockey, taking a full team of recently retired ex-NHLers on the road – criss-crossing Canada and the U.S. over six winters – including Ullman, Shack, Pilote, Stapleton, White, Tallon, Edestrand, Edwards,

Author coaching the OldStars – 1984

Williams, Sanderson, Mahovlich, Nevin, McKenny, Stanfield and Pappin.

An author is born: Buffalo Sabres book published

But given the opportunity during the same period to apply his need to write with the Leaf and Sabres publications, he had found his future. He was hand-picked by the Sabre owners, Seymour and Norty Knox, to write an insider look at their battle to achieve an NHL franchise, and his first book “Spin of the Wheel” was the result, coming out in 1974.

Two more books and a newspaper column

1994 book tour. photo Patrick Pettit.

He began writing a guest column in the Mississauga News in the late ‘80s. Then, exactly twenty years after his first book, his second, called “Last Minute of Play,” arrived on scene in 1993, quickly reaching best-selling status. The sequel, “Into the Empty Net,” came out the following year and travelled the same successful route.

Also, in 1994 he began writing a regular weekly sports column, carried by various papers, which is now into its 22nd consecutive year and continues today.


Eddie Shack biography “Clear the Track” hits bestseller lists

The author with Eddie Shack.

In ’96 he released a book in the U.S. called “SABRES.” It was followed in ‘97 by “Clear the Track – the Eddie Shack Biography,” which remained on the top-ten non-fiction national best-seller list for 15 consecutive weeks from its release in early October.

First novel: “Just Another Hat Trick” released in April 2012

Fifteen years later, he returned to book writing for his first in the fiction field with “Just Another Hat Trick”, the story of 3rd year budding Leaf star center, Randy Logan, as he prepares to face the Buffalo Sabres in the Eastern Conference finals.

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