The Five Hole Diaries

A Collection of Columns by Ross Brewitt


“The Five Hole Diaries” is constructed from regular weekly pieces numbering 1,150 at the time of the book’s release, a period covering 22 years of publication.
From ’94 to the present, Ross continues to create informative commentary on the sports-world, while taking on the big names, regardless of their status. He is often accredited with enumerating and highlighting key issues, and the columns written in his no-nonsense, yet anecdotal writing style, have often been recognized as “must-read” for sports fans.

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Just Another Hat Trick

Ross Brewitt decided to come full circle with his first novel, 15 years after his runaway bio of Ed Shack, “Clear the Track,” hit the bookshelves. Typically, the story-line he chose was a tough one – Leafs and Sabres in the Eastern Conference Stanley Cup Final.

Pjust another hat tricklot summary: The Toronto Maple Leafs have breezed through the first two rounds of the playoffs and meet the Buffalo Sabres as their next opponent in the Eastern Conference Final.
Despite being led by third-year centre Randy Logan, already considered a premiere player in the League, the Leafs are a team in turmoil. With tycoon owner Frank Conder, embattled GM Phil Stevenson, bombastic and negative coach Ernie Taylor, the front office is a war-zone of sub-plots and ulterior motives.
Randy and his grandfather Stub Logan, part-time advisor and full time guardian, have become the most famous citizens of their hometown, Bluestone, Ontario. Stub is a backwoods philosopher, the man who often takes on the role of small-town hick to bring city-slickers down to earth. Both contribute their level-headed attitudes, opinions, and humourous, homespun observations to the rough, rowdy, and at times cruel world of NHL hockey. For information on buying this book, click here.

Previously published books

The five books below are out of print, but new unopened copies are available through the author.

Spin of the Wheel

The first-hand story on the birth of the Buffalo Sabres. Seymour Knox III, and brother Norty Knox headed up a group determined to bring NHL hockey to Buffalo, despite stiff opposition, intrigue, and back room deals within the NHL by Original Six owners such as Chicago’s James Norris, and Toronto’s Smythe-Ballard-Bassett group. Limited number of copies available. Contact Ross for availability and cost.


Last Minute of Play

1993 best seller – breakthrough book pairing the author and retired players contributing out-of-the-ordinary, humourous, and revealing bios and views on the business of hockey. Also, each subject names his ultimate “all-stars” made up of teammates or opponents during his time in the NHL. Twenty-five chapters including Dave Keon, Alex Delvecchio, Jim McKenny, Phil and Tony Esposito, Don Cherry, Pierre Pilote, Harold Ballard, Bobby Hull, Punch Imlach. Limited number of copies available. Contact Ross for availability and cost.

Into the Empty Net

1994 best seller – the sequel, with 20 more personal looks into the lives of those retired from the game, their revealing first-hand observations and privates stories, proving again that the life in NHL hockey can run from tragic to funny, soul-searching and character building, both on-and-off the ice.  Included, Jean Beliveau, Pat Stapleton, Dale Tallon, Pat Quinn, Walt McKechnie, Gilbert Perrault, Pete Mahovlich, Derek Sanderson, Tim Horton, Fred Stanfield. Limited number of copies available. Contact Ross for availability and cost.


1996 – The story of an era, a coffee-table edition of photos-and-memoirs covering the 26 years the Sabres spent in “the Aud” beginning with the first ever NHL game in the Queen City October 15th, 1970 leading to the move to their new arena in 1997. Candid stories from players, both Sabres and opponents, coaches, broadcasters, fans and executives alike, on the effect the War Memorial Auditorium had on all who came through the doors, with pictures by renowned NHL photographers Bob Shaver, Ron Moscati, Bill Wippert and Harry Scull. It was written after a request to the author by Sabres owner Seymour H. Knox III. Limited number of copies available. Contact Ross for availability and cost.

Clear the Track

1997 best seller – the Eddie Shack biography. The life and times of an illiterate extrovert, hockey’s colourful, interesting and  most complex “entertainer,” a character the author said is “a piece of Canadiana.” The book dismisses stubborn and persistent misconceptions, as he portrays the rambunctious Shack with anecdotal humour and serious scrutiny revealing the mystery that is “Shackie.” On the national top-ten non-fiction best-seller list fourteen straight weeks. Limited number of copies available. Contact Ross for availability and cost.