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NHL: Waiting for a Verict

Ross Brewitt

Fifteen years ago November 8, 1998 to be exact, this was the lead paragraph in my Friday column.

“I have a question for Colie Campbell, the NHL’s new Minister of Law & Order, who looked at video of Philadelphia’s Eric Lindros nailing Ottawa’s Andreas Dackell to the wall like he was hanging a picture. Campbell ruled nothing happened. I’d like to know how he could have come to that conclusion? The Senator forward suffered a 25 to 32 stitch cut, plus his helmet required re-boring and having the A-frame straightened. I kind’a think that’s what caused Dackell’s concussion.” Read more

Minor Hockey’s Boat Sailing in Muddy Waters

Ross Brewitt


There was a time when Canada’s grass roots were inspired by folksy stories of boys who became men and sometimes national heroes by persevering through one of the most grueling sorting belts in sport. Not anymore.

Back then playing “the game” was a rite of passage, a component of upbringing, a sought after badge of courage. Not anymore. Read more